Online BAR Manager will be closed on 24th of July 2015. Please download your data before that time

Convert and sign APKs, create debug tokens online.


Why do I need to signup?

Manage signing keys

Manage your signing keys online.

Create and Install Debug Tokens

Create debug tokens so you can convert APKs (Android Apps) with native libraries.

Convert APK

Convert APK (Android Packages) with or without debug tokens. You can also upload open source BAR files to your account.

PC Not Required

Use your BlackBerry browser to do everything. Use localbar to install to your device.

Supports BB10 and PlayBook

For every account, you can register up to two devices.


More disk space, VPN access, and OTA (over the air) installation (as of 14 August 2013 direct install via VPN is available for all OS, including latest 10.2 leaks).

From the creator of localbar and TinyController